About Us

Our dream is to live in a world where there is no prejudice or discrimination based on sexuality or gender, that all members of the LGBTQ+ community can live freely and with equality.

There seems to be a growing loss of LGBTQ+ venues in areas around the country. That have been linked to a decline in the “LGBT scene” Leading to LGBTQ+ support organisations potentially being few and far between. Individuals often feel isolated and alone, not knowing where you will be accepted and supported.

Our aim is to connect and drive inclusivity and acceptance across the whole of the UK. To connect LGBTQ+ organisations and allies together in one place, showing you round and about!

Our location based app can support all members of the LGBTQ+ community. To connect them to local community groups, charities, prides and education services. To become a one stop shop, to connect all LGBTQ + allied organisations in one place. Giving an opportunity to explore and discover inclusive organisations where you will be accepted.

You can meet like minded people through community groups and pride organisations, never feeling isolated again. Find links to trusted charities in your area that may be able to support you with counselling support, education and much more. Free access to health and well-being education across the country through trusted partners so we can all live a healthy happy life together.

Please join us on our journey of acceptance and inclusion for all members of our community. Working together for a better world!

Hey there, roundabout is the continuing of a dream that LGBT+ people will reach true equality within our society. That in all walks of life we will be accepted and included.

LGBT+ people have felt alone at one point or another in our lives, disconnected from others or unable to find accepting places for us and our loved ones (I know I did). That at some point we didn’t know where to turn for support or help, or even where you can hold your partners hand. The reason I started roundabout is to create a connected community so no one feels that way again.

I have seen places where that community is there, staying in Gran Canaria and meeting an amazing community that really supported each other, seeing an inclusive environment that accepted all. In fact that’s where our name comes from, the very start of the journey to show LGBT+ people round and about! to places they will be accepted.

I have been involved in pride organisations to bring pride to Newbury where LGBT visible organisations where new to the scene. Seeing the good in the work when LGBT organisations and the community come together was an amazing thing!

Roundabout connects people, makes sure no LGBT person is ever alone again, that they shouldn’t feel afraid, outcast or isolated. They have access to safe and accepting places in all walks of life at the touch of a button. Showing you around and about!




Hi I’m Graham, Gray as some people may know me – or much worse depending on who you speak to!

The reason I wanted to start Roundabout probably goes back to when I first came out – ask no questions and I will tell no lies, lol! I discovered my true self when I was very young. I felt that I had nowhere to turn and no one that would understand everything I was going through. I spent hours trying to find people like me and safe places where I could meet people like me. The old school way then was to spend hours scouring through old school magazines etc. Google wasn’t a thing. (As I previously said, don’t ask my age. The good thing was that, after all those hours going through all the local places, I found one that kept popping up. So, aged **-teen, I thought: Fock it, let’s give it a go. As I was in my teens and had no one to advise me, it did not pass my mind that mid-afternoon on a Saturday was not the best time to pace up and down outside a gay bar for about three hours building up the courage to walk in. I did, to find out that inside there were only five people who welcomed me in without question. From there, I have built a family; friends for life and met the man I will spend the rest of my life with!

You might all be wondering what this has to do with Roundabout, and the not so simple answer is …

The LGBTQ+ community is unfortunately slowly disappearing. The pub into which I first walked, had my first kiss, saw my first drag show, met my best friend (another story – ask me about it if we ever meet), unfortunately went sadly with the wind. The few places and the community, the friends you haven’t met yet, the first kiss that hasn’t happened yet are vanishing – which to me is devastating. This is why I have come to the conclusion that we need safe places for all, where everyone is able to be themselves – without prejudice, without judgement and without feeling they don’t belong. The LGBTQ+ family is something we should embrace, take into our life and hearts. It is a place where everyone belongs!

This is why I believe in Roundabout as a facility where we can show safe spaces where you can be you, where you can have everything without judgement and can be free to live life. You too could fall in love with who you wish to love, have your first kiss, find you best friend, find the friends you never thought about and find your extended family.

Yours, Graham (Gray if you know me)