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Given the thriving kink and fetish culture in Reading, there is a clear demand for this event. Reading Fetish Pride showcases this and looks to provide a much-needed space for our community - local and beyond! Our event is based on three key concepts: Culture: exhibiting LGBTQ+ art in its purest form, freedom and LGBTQ+ expression, in a space that is removed from the oppression and censorship of current online mediums. Reading Fetish Pride will aim to educate through exhibitions, workshops, and talks highlighting the diverse communities within the kink and fetish culture. Social: we want to provide the opportunity and judgement-free safe spaces for people to socialise, meet people with similar interests and connect with the community. An important element of this is to make sure we include free events, use a variety of venues and make everything as accessible as possible to all people, including people from marginalised backgrounds. Fun: have fun, enjoy and be free!


Reading Fetish Pride does not have any events at the moment.


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